The Complete Guide to Your Company Website Structure in 2021

If you already have an established enterprise, there is a list of things that must be visible on your website. As you must have known, your business can gain more digital visibility through a business website. You can also gain visibility through many other means you can read from people’s opinions on Suomiarvostelut. However, a business website is of significance.

Building a site from scratch requires knowledge from SimpleSite. They can make building a website straightforward. What is important is that you know what you must include on your company’s website.

The following are the important things your website must have:

  • Navigation and Footer: This permits easy navigation for visitors. It can be located at the top left or right part of the page.
  • A Call to action (CTA): As an interactive element, it must be visible enough for visitors to see.
  • GDPR Cookie Compliance: You must protect your visitor’s details through the General Data Protection Regulation offered by the EU.
  • You must also have the following pages on your website: A Home Page, an About Us page, a Contact Us page, a page to display your Products and Services, a FAQ page, a page for Careers, an Error Page, and a page for the Legal features of your company.

Your homepage must be able to impress the visitor with the content. Your content must pass relevant messages that could keep them reading. You must also have a page that has all the products and services you offer. Easy navigation will make this less complicated for you. You can even share details of the values and benefits patronizing you could afford your visitors.

Another thing to integrate into your website is a Reviews page. This is like social proof. As your homepage is like a hotel lobby; the first thing a customer sees when he or she visits your website, the Reviews page proves your reliability and credibility. Having relevant testimonials from previous clients can increase your chances of hitting sales.

Your About Us page must include your company’s history and timeline, your mission and goals, the reviews you’ve had, your team members, your partners; it can even have videos that offer a short introduction. Having the statistics of your company’s expansion isn’t a bad idea, and you can also add fun facts about your company on the About Us page.

For your product and services, creating compelling content, showcasing images, descriptions, features, advantages, pricing options, the FAQs, recommendations and reviews, a contact form, etc. can make the page more effective.

For an effective FAQ page, all the questions that customers could ask must be answered. You can also create a link for a live chat should customers need to ask more questions.

Finally, for your blog, you must research content keywords for SEO purposes. This will increase your website’s ranking on Google. Create valuable content and attach fascinating images. You can also attach relevant videos. What is most important is the effectiveness of your comment section and your call to action button. You must also activate social sharing on all social media networks. Through this, your readers can easily promote your content.

Although there are many other important features; these are basic components that can promote your company’s website and help you hit sales.

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